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Be an App owner

Quickly build and deploy your own branded App that engage and impress customers. solutions allows you to accomplish this faster by providing the perfect App, so you can focus on creative solutions and open for your business new appointments opportunities.

Respond in real time

Today’s customers participate in multiple channels and are eager to ask questions or book appointments asap if they will receive the answer asap.
The sooner they get answers, the happier they are.
Be responsive no matter where you are.


Don't forget to think Mobile On the Go

- Online Booking, Diary and Shifts access from Mobile. ClinicSoftware's solution runs on all platforms such as PC, Mac and Mobile. A truly mobile Software can mean the difference between a solution that merely helps your business and one that revolutionizes it. manages all of your critical business information in one place.
Implementing the right software can increase sales and productivity.








Your clients are vital to your company, not only can you book new appointments, but you could keep a very detailed customer database.

Day Book Appointment:
Clinic Software day book appointment makes scheduling your customers in for treatments quick and very easy, which is crucial for a busy beauty Clinic. However, Clinic Software does a lot even more than simply allow you to take down a name and time for a visit from your customer. The clients database allows you keep vital information such as: name, date of birth, telephone number, address, e-mail address, warning notes, discount level, voucher code, forms signed, order history, appointments history, account balance, and more.

Comprehensive Clinic Appointment Booking Software:
Clinic Software also provides you the power to keep a lot more comprehensive info such as: skin type, allergic reactions, last visit, favourite therapies and treatments and other urgent notes. The advantages of keeping a greater level of info include: the capability to do even more concentrated marketing, maintain a far better connection with your clients and also it offers you the possibility to recognize your customers much better than you ever have done before.

Single Click Appointments Clinic Appointment Booking Software:
Bring in new appointments is done utilizing a single mouse click. The beauty Clinic agenda could be viewed in day, in advance for a week or in advance for even months and you will create more appointments for the next months. This allows appointments to be quickly relocated from one day to another day.

Access Available Anywhere Appointment Booking Software
Having the appointment day book online means that a Clinic manager could view utilisation from anywhere that has access to the internet, from the beauty Clinic, from home or even when away on vacation.


How Software Improves Productivity

Keeps You In The Know

For successful business flow, you must gather vital information on existing customer and potential clients as well. But saving the data in papers or excel can be hard when you’re also trying to make your bookings. help solve this problem by saving valuable customer data on your behalf, including:

  • Client history
  • Appointments history
  • Current client preferences
  • Client Notes history
  • Client Consent Forms history
  • Client Rejuvenation Face & Body Procedures
  • Past interactions with a client
  • Drinks History
  • Client infrastructure details
  • Receipt History
  • Past sales interactions
  • Tracking Sessions history
  • Tracking Minutes history
  • Tracking Instalments history
  • Pictures history
  • Products history
  • SMS Text & email Reminders history
  • Shifts history
  • Reports history